Charlyn Green Fareed, Ph.d., PCC, BCC
Charlyn Green Fareed, Ph.d., PCC, BCC

Consultant - Professional Coach

Helping Women & Organizations to Flourish


I've always been interested in the great adventure of human and organizational development.  I look forward to partnering with you to design programs  that will transform individuals as  well as your organization.

About Dr. Green Fareed


For over 20 years, Dr. Green Fareed’s expertise has been in human and organizational development in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Her practice focus is in the areas of multicultural women’s leadership, coaching and organizational development.  

Charlyn  approaches  her life, as well as  her  work  from  a perspective  of  equity  and  inclusion.   This approach challenges individuals and organizations to build diverse and inclusive work environments that expands personal, interpersonal, and organizational effectiveness.   She is a lifelong learner who strives to remain open to better understanding self and others.

Dr. Green Fareed holds a doctorate in Human & Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University. She completed coaching certifications from the  Evidence Based Coaching Program of Fielding Graduate University and the Center for Credentialing & Education.  

She holds certifications in  Diversity Facilitation from NTL Institute and Race Relations Facilitation from Stir Fry Consulting.  At Fielding Graduate University, she completed a certificate in Transformative Learning for Social Justice and a certificate in Dialogue, Deliberation, and Public Engagement.

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Women who lead inside organizations and in communities, bring unique perspectives to their work.  They also have unique development needs that are not often met via traditional training.  Through thoughtful program design, my goal is to ensure the experiences, perspectives and voices of women from diverse cultures are central.  

Culture matters! I take into account the cultural values and practices of the women, organizations, and communities I serve throughout all of my work. My services to women is built upon a multi-cultural framework that effectively enables women from diverse backgrounds, at every level of an organization, or in communities to substantially increase capacity to:

v  Strengthen Personal Voice

v  Develop Professional Identity 

v  Build Critical Networks


Within organizations, my goal is to co-create individual, group and organizational change via "deep" learning; a learning that goes beyond simple knowledge and skill acquisition.  Through the use of expert process consulting skills, I assist leaders to learn how to solve challenges and continue learning by themselves.  

My understanding of organizational systems and change enables  me to co-design environments that are equitable and meets the development needs of people as well as the organization.  


My goal in coaching is to work in partnership with each client to help them take stock and construct new meaning, behaviors and outcomes in self-identified coaching areas.  Through a process of critical self-reflection and realistic goal-setting, clients increase range of choices, broaden and clarify perspectives, reinforce self-concept, and take meaningful action.  My goal is to create environments that help foster learning and change in the lives of my clients. 

Profile of My EXPERTISE

  • Women's Development:  Leadership, Career
  • Coaching: Leadership, Career, Life 
  • Organizational Development (OD):  Equity &  Inclusion;  Systems  Change; Process Consultation; Program Design



organizational development

PROGRAM Design & Facilitation

Dr. Green Fareed is a gifted designer and facilitator of diversity retreats.  She has a knack for designing retreats that are sensitive to the needs of each group.  Her designs meet the participants where they are and lead them gently but  firmly to increased awareness and skills.  Her facilitation is both direct and compassionate.  I highly recommend her work.

  - Anne Litwin, PhD
Author, New Rules for Women: Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together

Organizational Coaching Program Design

If you are searching for a coach who blends skill and cultural sensitivity with a unique style that is all her own, then Dr. Green Fareed is the right coach for you. Her coaching sets an easy and comfortable tone that makes vulnerability and the high emotions that go along with it less intimidating, even for the most guarded of individuals. As a trainer for our STEM Leadership Institute mentors, Dr. Green Fareed has helped us make a turnaround in our approach to mentoring STEM faculty from all backgrounds. She is a natural!

  - Dr. Kelly Mack 

Executive Director, Project Kaleidoscope; and

Vice President for Undergraduate STEM Education

Association of American Colleges and Universities


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Charlyn Green Fareed, Ph.d., PCC, BCC